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Goal - 6 Months Resume | 2016-09-12

We're active for 6 months!
Bets by MarcoPinheiro as grown and now is available worldwide, starting with 2 languages (2 variants each one)!
In this 6 months, lots of things happened and we must thank YOU for being with us!

Now, we want to give you some of the stats of this 6 months:
  • We gave you, in average, 344 games with prognosis PER DAY!*
  • We gave you, in total, more than 60.000 GAMES during this 6 months, that's more than 10.000 games per month!*
  • We are now, working in average hit rate of 66%, meaning that, from the 60k games we gave you, almost 40k here CORRECT!*
  • We received almost 10.000 different users, and got more than 125.000 page hits, with half of our users being new users.**

Thank you for helping us being your first choice!

*Based on data from 1 of July 2016 to 11 of September 2016.
**Google Analytics data.

Goal - Beta phase end | 2016-04-26

The beta phase ended.
This means that Bets by MarcoPinheiro is now a final project, able to meet everyone's needs and fully funcional.
Will continue, however, to being updates and improvements.

Goal - 1000 Users | 2016-03-27

We are already more than 1000 users!
More then one thousand trust in our prognosis and are winning daily with them.
And you, still have doubts?